K-Cup Storage Drawer and Coffee Maker Platform


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A K-Cup Holder and Keurig Stand provides storage for up to 36 K-Cups in a divided drawer directly below a Keurig coffee maker. This K-Cup drawer features a wire mesh organizer with crossbars that hold up to 36 coffee pods in individual compartments, a drawer stopper that prevents the drawer from pulling out the front, and a large shelf platform that can hold your Keurig coffee maker. Please note that the pictured coffee pods are NOT included.
    K-Cup Storage Drawer and Coffee Maker Platform Features
  • Organizes up to 36 K-Cups or other coffee pods.
  • Crossbars built into the drawer design holds K-Cups in place in individual slots.
  • Drawer stopper prevents drawer from falling out the front.
  • Top platform holds a Keurig or other single cup coffee maker.
  • Stores K-Cups and coffee pods directly below a coffee maker.
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